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This website is a collaboration of many Jackson Taylor band members located across many different states.

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This really is a work in progress and unfortunately, just like any other website on the internet, this online platform is far from perfect. While we have worked really hard to include as many different features that we believe will do justice to the Jackson Taylor band, we also know that it will always be far from perfect.
There will always be sections that may not be what people expect. There will be missing features that people would desire. We understand this because this comes with the territory. In fact, this is not the only Jackson Taylor band page on the internet. There have been quite a number of them over the years.
Still, despite all these issues, we have decided to go ahead and put up this website. This is quite an undertaking because as you can tell from all other websites on the internet, they take quite a bit of effort. It’s not like we have a template that you just plug in. It’s not like we just run some sort of software that automatically composed the content that went into the site.
It definitely did not give birth to itself. It did not generate itself. It took many hours of attention to detail, planning, collaboration and editing for this website to materialize. Given all of that, there will always be rough spots.
This is where you come in. Please let us know if there are items that are missing or if there are links that go nowhere. Also, if you enter a form and nothing happens, we definitely would like to know.
In addition to helping us debug this website, please speak up if you know of any other online Jackson Taylor band resource. Maybe you come across a website that lists all their tour dates. Maybe you come across a fan site that lists interesting stories about the band.
Whatever the case may be, do let us know because we would love to link to those resources. We’re not greedy here. We are under no illusion that this is the Mecca of everything and anything related to the Jackson Taylor band. We know full well that there are probably better websites out there. We also know that there is a huge number of fan websites with all sorts of fiction and creative arts out there.

    Our job is to become some sort of clearing house or conduit, where people who are truly interested in this band can network because that is actually how we measure our success. It’s not the dollars and cents we generate here and there. Instead, we measure our success based on how the band that we truly respect, admire and believe in prospers as the word get out.
    It is our hope that this website becomes a central hub for everything and anything related to the Jackson Taylor band so this creative act will finally get the kind of recognition and success it deserves. As you probably already can tell, if you like a certain type of music, there is a strong chance that the band, if it is not a big-time band or a particularly successful one, will sooner or later disappear unless you step up.
    This website is our tiny way of showing our appreciation to the Jackson Taylor band. They have produced music that has changed our lives and the least we can do is to come up with a site that celebrates it. So if you have any kind of resource or have any kind of information that would better help us celebrate the Jackson Taylor band, do speak up.
    Share it. We would love to post up the link. We would love to publish some sort of write-up on the resource you are kind enough to share.