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About Jacksontaylorband.com

We feature the music of the Jackson Taylor band.


This is a Western-inspired rock band, and just like any other rock band, there is a tremendous emphasis by the Jackson Taylor band on musicianship, virtuosity, and composition. Accordingly, they really go out of their way to create really polished performed music.

Range of emotions

Now, we can’t emphasize this enough. Why is it polished? Well, anybody can slap together a few notes and call it a song, but you know you’re looking at something polished when the person composing the song crafts it in such a way that they know exactly what will happen before, during and after certain parts of the song. In other words, it forms a musical tapestry that creates a range of emotions in the minds of the people listening to that type of music.

No random

There is a lot of deliberation here. This is not random. This is not something that you just stumble into. This is not something that kind of mutated on its own. This kind of music is a result of different strategic, well thought out, and well-mapped out choices.

Western inspired

This is why we love Jackson Taylor so much. This band really went out of its way to fuse old-school blues musical elements with Western-inspired rock guitars, which of course, in turn, was previously influenced by the blues. This is not easy, mind you. Their music is meticulous without sounding too academic. There is a refreshing urgency in their riffs.

What we celebrate

So when you put these double influences together and lay the sense of urgency and raw emotional intensity and authenticity of the blues, you come up with something new. And this is what we celebrate. It’s not a typical hip-hop song that basically just samples different well-defined music and refuses to give credit or has an attitude that they’ve come up with something new.
All the different segments of the music that have been spliced together to create something new in a form of a Jackson Taylor song is properly credited. We don’t keep this a secret. We tell you directly that certain songs are inspired by certain types of music. It’s not only fair; it also brings context to the song.
We truly believe that it’s an act of arrogance and misplaced pride to claim that you’ve come up with something new when it’s obvious a lot of your composition is actually spliced together from previous musical forms. We don’t play such games. Not only do we give credit where credit is due, but we also make it obvious so that when you see music performed in a certain way, you can see where it came from. You can see some of that context of that music originally as it came about.
This is what makes Jackson Taylor unique, distinctive and worth appreciating by many serious music fans. You may not necessarily be the most hardcore fan of rock music that is inspired by Western music and blues, but you can definitely respect such musical and creative authenticity and sincerity.